Hammer Swing

Jack Hamm is the 6-Time World’s Longest Driver and the #1 Golf Instructor in the World!

The Hammer Swing Secret

Jack Hamm is the 6-Time World’s Longest Driver and the #1 Golf Instructor in the World!

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Dear Friend,

I was the total hack. Not only had I grew up playing golf, but after 15 years of being a bogey golfer, I was about to quit the game.

I was sick of the golf magazines, the instructors giving the same old advice. It just never worked for me. I never had 5 hours a day to work on the swing thoughts they all taught. It seemed that those theories only worked for the pros who had the time to hit 500 balls a day. So I said there has to be a better way to play golf. After all I have a Masters in engineering and am a physicist so if I can’t come up with something then I would just give up the game!

At first I was a bit doubtful, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was majorly wrong in golf instruction for the average golfer.

So I decided to use the analytical abilities that God gave me and I studied still photos of the greatest and longest ball strikers of all time. Sam Snead did one specific thing that no one was talking about!

– Jack Hamm
The Hammer®

Jack “The Hammer” Hamm

No one can teach you this Secret Release Point but us…Not even Tiger Woods… You could take lessons for the next 10 years and never learn it…Until NOW!

6-time World Long Driver Champion

Holds 8 world records.

Can hit an 8 iron 260 yards every time!

His Drives have 11 seconds of hang time!

In addition to holding 8 Guinness World Long Drive records, I personally have given lessons to many of the leading PGA pro’s as well as many well known Celebrities. Since 1998, my Hammer Swing Lesson has accounted for more than 289 wins on the PGA tour, including 41 Major Championship victories.


How This Will Help You…

Add 50-100 Yards To All Your Shots.
Lower Your Score By Up To 20 Strokes. Increase Your Club Head Speed By 30% and Drop Your Handicap By 20.
Fully Guaranteed!


Features & Benefits

Once you apply this Magic Secret Tip, you will never use a traditional swing again.

It’s literally a 30-Minute Miracle

Don't let the little amount of time fool you. This is a PROVEN method that doesn't require hours of your time.

Eliminates the need to practice Golf

Your old practice habits will be a thing of the past. You will now exactly what to focus on to further improve your game.

Not based on Muscle memory, but 5 simple set-up principles

This isn't a system based on bulking your body to hit the bar further. This is based just five proven methods. 

Utilises your optimal body leverage and physics

You've always known there was a simple way to improve your game without hitting the weight room. This is it.

Shave 20 strokes per round and lower your handicap by 10

Imagine the looks on your golf buddies' faces when you play the next round with them 20 strokes below your usual?

Helps every golfer, even non-golfers that want to take up the game

It doesn't matter what level you are, this system will work for you giving you the edge you've been searching for.


All Other Golf Swing Techniques Are Now Obsolete!


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